Blog de animals for scientific research

Information of animals used in science.

This blog will treat of two types of animals that are used commonly in scientific investigations. The information here is collected data of other pages.

The best option

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Rats are considered an excellent animal model because they are small, manageable, with a fast life cycle, and they are very useful to processes such as cancer.

Rats share a amazing 90% of genes with humans them they are very similar. Convenient to study the effect of all types of medications on the human body. And these are made by injections in different parts of the rat.

Unnecesary Experiments

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The authorities of health have known per decades that to smoke cigarettes causes diseases and that the experiments with animals are poor forecasters of these effects. Nevertheless, the tobacco companies continue forcing to the animals to smoking, in spite of the fact that more effective alternatives exist. Two of the companies of bigger cigarettes of the world still carry out experiments of tobacco in animal, painful and irrelevant, in spite of the fact that they are not forced by the law and of that there are top methods of experimentation without available animals.

The gigantes of the tobacco R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris International continue carrying out horrible experiments in animals. To the animals they pump smoke directly in his noses for hours a day. The skin struggles them, their hair fallen and his afflicted eyes begin to fester. The investigators paint his sensitive skin to them with tar and sometimes they meet infected of tumors.

The most common animals used are dogs, specially Beagles, and monkeys.